Stunning curtains for any room

Are you redecorating and thinking of adding new curtains? Curtains are the ideal window dressing, offering both practicality and seamless style to a room. Take your pick from the collection of curtains for sale at Damart UK. There are different colours, patterns and designs available, so you’re sure to find the perfect pair when you shop the range here. Browse our full selection online.

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  1. label eventpicure label eventpicure Cassina Eyelet Curtains

    Cassina Eyelet Curtains

    From £30.00 From £30.00
  2. label eventpicure Boucle Eyelet Curtains

    Boucle Eyelet Curtains

    From £30.00 From £30.00
  3. label eventpicure Pembrey Super Thermal Curtains label eventpermanent

    Pembrey Super Thermal Curtains

    From £35.00 From £35.00
  4. label eventpicure Textured Chenille Curtains label eventpermanent

    Textured Chenille Curtains

    From £70.00 From £70.00
  5. label eventpicure Feather Curtains label eventpermanent

    Feather Curtains

    From £45.00 From £45.00
  6. label eventpicure Windsford Printed Velvet Curtains label eventpermanent

    Windsford Printed Velvet Curtains

    From £60.00 From £60.00
  7. label eventpicure Elmwood Curtains label eventpermanent

    Elmwood Curtains

    From £45.00 From £45.00
  8. Matteo Curtains

    Matteo Curtains

    From £35.00 From £35.00
  9. Strata Curtains

    Strata Curtains

    From £35.00 From £35.00
  10. Crushed Velvet Curtains

    Crushed Velvet Curtains

    £65.00 £65.00
  11. label eventpicure Eve Curtains

    Eve Curtains

    From £35.00 From £35.00
  12. label eventpicure Wild Garden Curtains

    Wild Garden Curtains

    From £40.00 From £40.00
  13. label eventpicure Larissa Curtains

    Larissa Curtains

    £35.00 £35.00
  14. label eventpicure Delphine Lined Curtains with tie backs

    Delphine Lined Curtains with tie backs

    From £40.00 From £40.00
  15. Aveline Curtains

    Aveline Curtains

    From £35.00 From £35.00
  16. Thermal Door Curtain label eventpermanent

    Thermal Door Curtain

    £24.00 £24.00
  17. Jazmine Curtains

    Jazmine Curtains

    From £39.00 From £39.00
  18. Woodland Trees Curtains

    Woodland Trees Curtains

    From £35.00 From £35.00
  19. Balmoral Curtain

    Balmoral Curtain

    From £35.00 From £35.00
  20. Dijon Black-out Curtains

    Dijon Black-out Curtains

    From £45.00 From £45.00
  21. Beechwood Curtains

    Beechwood Curtains

    From £35.00 From £35.00

Curtains can play a key role in bringing together the overall look of a room. They draw the eye and pick up the colour palette used in the space, making them a simple yet effective addition in any redecoration project.

Whether you’re refreshing the front room or the bedroom, curtains from the collection here at Damart are sure to add something special.

Select your new curtains

There are different styles and designs from which to choose in this range, from taped curtains to pleated designs. We also have blackout options that block the light and offer a restful night’s sleep, making them the ideal bedroom curtains. Take a look at the different types that are available and consider what will work best in your home.

As well as the practical details, bear in mind the colour scheme that you want to match your room. There are classic designs, vibrant patterns and ditsy florals available and we’ve made it easy for you to shop by colour, too. Simply use the filters to search the shades for which you’re looking.

Why choose curtains?

Curtains make a room cosy, making them a great energy-saving option in the winter months, They’re also ideal for adding privacy and keeping out streetlights and other distractions from the outside world.

Choose Damart UK. Our curtains are a beautiful addition to any space. Explore the collection online and look out for our web exclusives.

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