Duvet sets and bedspreads

There’s nothing quite like snuggling down under a brand new duvet cover and drifting off to sleep. Our collection of bedspreads and duvet sets bring colour, quality, and comfort to your bedroom. Whether you love bright, bold prints, soothing shades, florals, or geometric designs, shop the exclusive Damart collection below to find your favourite.

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  1. label eventpicure label eventpicure Birdity Absurdity Duvet Set label eventpermanent

    Birdity Absurdity Duvet Set

    From £50.00 From £50.00
  2. label eventpicure Tropical Leopard Duvet Set label eventpermanent

    Tropical Leopard Duvet Set

    From £50.00 From £50.00
  3. label eventpicure Mayfair Lady Duvet Set label eventpermanent

    Mayfair Lady Duvet Set

    From £50.00 From £50.00
  4. label eventpicure Heart of the Home Duvet Set label eventpermanent

    Heart of the Home Duvet Set

    From £50.00 From £50.00
  5. label eventpicure Secret Garden Duvet Set

    Secret Garden Duvet Set

    From £20.00 From £20.00
  6. label eventpicure Suburban Jungle Set label eventpermanent

    Suburban Jungle Set

    From £50.00 From £50.00
  7. label eventpicure Shadow Leaves Duvet Set

    Shadow Leaves Duvet Set

    From £30.00 From £30.00
  8. label eventpicure Bird Garden Duvet Set

    Bird Garden Duvet Set

    From £20.00 From £20.00
  9. label eventpicure Rambleishus Duvet Set label eventpermanent

    Rambleishus Duvet Set

    From £50.00 From £50.00
  10. label eventpicure Josette Velvet Duvet Set label eventpermanent

    Josette Velvet Duvet Set

    From £50.00 From £50.00
  11. label eventpicure Eliza Brushed Duvet Set label eventpermanent

    Eliza Brushed Duvet Set

    From £25.00 From £25.00
  12. label eventpicure Azalea Brushed Duvet Set label eventpermanent

    Azalea Brushed Duvet Set

    From £25.00 From £25.00
  13. label eventpicure Matteo Duvet Set

    Matteo Duvet Set

    From £25.00 From £25.00
  14. label eventpicure Serenity Duvet Set label eventpermanent

    Serenity Duvet Set

    From £50.00 From £50.00
  15. label eventpicure Jacobean Duvet Set

    Jacobean Duvet Set

    From £20.00 From £20.00
  16. label eventpicure Chrysanthemum Duvet Set

    Chrysanthemum Duvet Set

    From £25.00 From £25.00
  17. label eventpicure Clarence Floral Duvet Set label eventpermanent

    Clarence Floral Duvet Set

    From £20.00 From £20.00
  18. label eventpicure Brushed Harvest Flowers Duvet Set label eventpermanent

    Brushed Harvest Flowers Duvet Set

    From £30.00 From £30.00
  19. label eventpicure Floral Foliage Duvet Set label eventpermanent

    Floral Foliage Duvet Set

    From £20.00 From £20.00
  20. Supersoft Fleece Duvet set

    Supersoft Fleece Duvet set

    From £30.00 From £30.00
  21. Wisteria Duvet Set

    Wisteria Duvet Set

    From £20.00 From £20.00
  22. Cuddly Duvet Set

    Cuddly Duvet Set

    From £40.00 From £40.00
  23. Easy-Care Plain Dye Fitted Sheet

    Easy-Care Plain Dye Fitted Sheet

    From £15.00 From £15.00
  24. label eventpicure Jersey Pillowcases

    Jersey Pillowcases

    £14.00 £14.00

Your bed is the natural centrepiece of your bedroom, so it’s important to choose a bedspread set that’s not only classy and eye-catching but also reflects your unique style and personality.

Our bedspreads for sale include ones with lovely floral prints, trendy geometric designs, plush velvet details and many more tasteful and inviting patterns. Choose from rustic patchwork or duvet covers with a more contemporary print for something a little bit different.

Cosy duvet covers for every season

Did you know that the fabric of your duvet cover can make a significant difference to how warm you’ll feel when you’re tucked up in bed? At Damart, our exclusive selection of high-quality bedcovers features a wide range of different materials to help you get cosy straight away.

If you’re buying a new bedspread and duvet in winter, we’d recommend choosing a brushed cotton duvet cover. In our fantastic bedspread range, you’ll find gorgeous brushed cotton duvet sets in reversible polka-dot pink and traditional check.

Through the summer months, opting for a cooler, eco-friendly option like our bamboo duvet set makes a fantastic choice. With the finest 1000 thread count cotton, it’ll feel luxuriously soft and breathable against your skin on a mild night.

Quality bedspreads on sale with Damart

If you’re looking for a new bedspread and duvet with trendy details and high quality to match, you’ll find just the right one in our online UK bedspread sale. Here, you’ll be guaranteed to find soft, stylish, and unique bedspread sets at affordable prices.

Plus, if you set up a Personal Account with Damart, we’ll give you up to 28 days to make up your mind about your new bedspread set – without asking for a penny. Shop the full range online today.

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