Ladies Sandals

Update your look as sun-filled spring days arrive with a pair of ladies’ sandals. These are the perfect addition to any outfit during the warmer seasons. If you’re shopping for the ideal pair to take you through to autumn, choose from the range of summer sandals for women here at Damart UK.

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  1. Adjustable Leather Sandal

    Adjustable Leather Sandal

    £27.50 Up to-50% £55.00
  2. Block heeled Leather Sandal

    Block heeled Leather Sandal

    £34.50 Up to-50% £69.00
  3. Sandal


    £45.00 £45.00
  4. Leather Wedge Sandal

    Leather Wedge Sandal

    £29.50 Up to-50% £59.00
  5. Wedge Leather Sandal

    Wedge Leather Sandal

    £29.50 Up to-50% £59.00
  6. Piedical Sandal

    Piedical Sandal

    £29.50 Up to-50% £59.00
  7. Buckle strap Leather Sandal

    Buckle strap Leather Sandal

    £27.50 Up to-50% £55.00
  8. Lattice front Leather Sandal

    Lattice front Leather Sandal

    £34.50 Up to-50% £69.00
  9. Amortyl Sandal

    Amortyl Sandal

    £27.50 Up to-50% £55.00
  10. Sandal


    £39.00 £39.00
  11. Piedical Mule

    Piedical Mule

    £29.50 Up to-50% £59.00
  12. Amortyl Sandal label eventpermanent

    Amortyl Sandal

    £32.50 Up to-50% £65.00
  13. Piedical Sandal

    Piedical Sandal

    £49.00 £49.00
  14. Sandal


    £22.00 Up to-50% £44.00
  15. Triple-strap Leather Sandal

    Triple-strap Leather Sandal

    £24.50 Up to-50% £49.00
  16. Comfort Leather Sandal

    Comfort Leather Sandal

    £24.50 Up to-50% £49.00
  17. Touch fasten Wedge Leather Sandal

    Touch fasten Wedge Leather Sandal

    £35.00 £35.00
  18. Cushion-walk Sandal label eventpermanent

    Cushion-walk Sandal

    £17.50 Up to-50% £35.00
  19. Heeled Leather Sandal

    Heeled Leather Sandal

    £22.50 Up to-50% £45.00
  20. Sandal


    £19.50 Up to-50% £39.00
  21. Mule


    £32.00 £32.00
  22. Sandal


    £17.50 Up to-50% £35.00
  23. California Sandal

    California Sandal

    From £60.00 Up to-5% From £65.00
  24. Mule


    £24.50 Up to-50% £49.00

Should you be going for a walk in the park, strolling along the beach, or need to complete a party look, there are ladies’ sandals to suit every occasion in this collection. Elegant designs seamlessly blend with practical details so that your feet feel comfortable and look stylish all day long.

Style and comfort

Whatever your plans for the summer, we’ve got footwear that feels good and will complete your look. Whether you’re holidaying abroad or need the perfect pair of women’s sandals for a trip within the UK, take your pick from dressy sandals that work well with dresses and skirts to comfortable soft flat sandals that look fantastic when teamed with linen trousers or long shorts.

There are different styles, colours and designs from which to choose, so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for here. Whichever pair you pick out, you can be assured of a perfect fit.

The perfect soft sandals

Perhaps you need soft, yet sophisticated, sandals that will look great for the office as well as after-work drinks. There are plenty of options in this line-up that are sure to fit the bill. Or maybe you have an event in mind and you need the perfect footwear to match? Shop the collection and snap up a pair of our ladies’ adjustable sandals today.

To make your search even easier, you can filter by details such as price and colour so it’s easy to find the perfect pair of sandals. Shop the selection now!

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