Bed linen guide
bed linen guide

Bed Linen Care & Buying Guide


Ensure every night's sleep is the best by always picking the best bed linen for you.

However you sleep or whatever your style, we're passionate about providing you with style and comfort to give you the rest you deserve.


Made from a blend of cotton and polyester- polycotton is best for efficiency and easy care. Great for comfort but with minimal effort; quick to dry and little ironing needed.


Lovely, soft and warm feel - ideal for the winter months or just for that extra bit of comfort. Soft to touch, it will give you luxury and warmth all at once.

Egyptian cotton

Experience luxury at home with Egyptian Cotton, giving you an extremely soft and luxurious feel. Made with the finest of fibres yet easy to care for, Egyptian cotton is long lasting and considered the best quality.


Super smooth and made from 100% cotton, our Jersey bedding is warm through winter and keeps you cool through summer. With a stretch smooth fit, it is machine washable and little ironing needed.Soft with a relaxed feel for a perfect night's sleep.

How can i wash my bedlinen and ensure it keeps its quality?

By following the care instructions you will be able to maintain the softness and quality of your bedlinen. However, depending on your fabric type there are a few tips that can help you give them a longer life. Firstly, avoid using bleach as it can damage the fabric. Using gentle detergent with prevent damage to fibres and to keep whiteness you can replace bleach with 1/4 cup of lemon juice. Always use a gentle wash cycle or lukewarm water.

Should you wash bedlinen before use?

It is not stated as essential. However, by washing your Bedlinen before it's first use refreshes the fibres after the manufacturing process and can enhance the softness and overall feel of the cloth. Start as you mean to go on with the best sleep possible.

How can i prevent my bedlinen from wrinkling?

By removing the sheets straight from the washing machine, shaking them out before placing them in the dryer can be the first step to reducing wrinkles in your Bedlinen. The best option for drying if you do not use a dryer is to hang them where possible this allows the material to 'hang out' reduce wrinkles when drying. When using a dryer, it is important to use a low heat setting to minimise the chance of damage to your fabric.

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