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Sprucing up any room has never been easier with our fantastic homeware collection. Making a bedroom into a beautifully serene space? No problem. Creating a relaxing, tranquil bathroom? We’ve got plenty of colour and styles to choose from. With gorgeous curtains and rugs for living rooms and accessories for kitchens you can makeover your whole home. Then start on the garden! Enjoy.

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  1. label eventpicure label eventpicure Wildflower Duvet Set

    Wildflower Duvet Set

    From £20.00 From £20.00
  2. label eventpicure Pack of 2 Butterfly Jacquard Throws

    Pack of 2 Butterfly Jacquard Throws

    From £17.00 Up to-23% From £22.00
  3. label eventpicure Pack of 2 Watercolour Floral Cushion Covers

    Pack of 2 Watercolour Floral Cushion Covers

    From £15.00 From £15.00
  4. label eventpicure Meadowsweet Floral Duvet Set

    Meadowsweet Floral Duvet Set

    From £20.00 From £20.00
  5. label eventpicure Faux Mohair Throw

    Faux Mohair Throw

    From £15.00 Up to-40% From £25.00
  6. label eventpicure Bali Palm Duvet Set

    Bali Palm Duvet Set

    From £20.00 From £20.00
  7. label eventpicure Winchester Towel

    Winchester Towel

    From £12.00 From £12.00
  8. label eventpicure Pyramid back support

    Pyramid back support

    From £27.00 From £27.00
  9. label eventpicure Tapestry Floral Duvet Set

    Tapestry Floral Duvet Set

    From £20.00 From £20.00
  10. label eventpicure Tanza Duvet Set

    Tanza Duvet Set

    From £20.00 From £20.00
  11. label eventpicure Hummingbird Duvet Set

    Hummingbird Duvet Set

    From £10.00 Up to-50% From £20.00
  12. Flannelette Fitted Sheet

    Flannelette Fitted Sheet

    From £17.00 From £17.00
  13. label eventpicure Butterfly Coir Mat

    Butterfly Coir Mat

    From £15.00 From £15.00
  14. label eventpicure Home Sweet Home Cushion

    Home Sweet Home Cushion

    From £12.00 From £12.00
  15. Macy Duvet Set

    Macy Duvet Set

    From £20.00 From £20.00
  16. Tigerlilly Duvet Set

    Tigerlilly Duvet Set

    From £20.00 From £20.00
  17. label eventpicure Pack of 2 Waffle Throws

    Pack of 2 Waffle Throws

    From £22.00 From £22.00
  18. label eventpicure Bee Runner

    Bee Runner

    From £19.00 From £19.00
  19. Cannes Towels

    Cannes Towels

    From £6.00 Up to-50% From £12.00
  20. Madison Bath Mat

    Madison Bath Mat

    From £15.00 From £15.00
  21. label eventpicure Shore Duvet Set

    Shore Duvet Set

    From £20.00 From £20.00
  22. Spring Glade Bedspread

    Spring Glade Bedspread

    From £17.00 From £17.00
  23. Coir Mat

    Coir Mat

    From £15.00 From £15.00
  24. 3-Piece Loofah Set

    3-Piece Loofah Set

    From £17.00 From £17.00
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