towel guide


With so many varieties of towels, it is sometimes quite difficult to determine which is best for you.

With this buying guide you'll be able to understand and discover the best towels for you and your home.

Zero twist

Extra soft and fluffy. Zero twist literally means there is no twist in the yarn - Ensuring your towels dry quickly and keep their softness for longer.

Egyptian cotton

With a luxurious feel and dense fibres giving your towels longevity.

Pima cotton

Considered the highest quality with extra-long fibres and absorbency. Pima Cotton is considered a superior fibre, known for its absorbency, strength and durability.

Standard cotton

Breathable, quick drying and low maintanence. Available in so many varieties that suit your budget. This natural product is one that you need.

Should you wash towels before using them?

Yes, this helps reduce shedding that can be found on newly purchased towels.

Do you wash towels alone?

To stop your towels pilling it is always best to wash towels with other towels. This helps to increase their lifespan. Another tip is not to over dry your towels this can also lead to pilling too! When washing your towels don’t over stuff your machine this will reduce the air circulation that helps refluff the fibres. No one wants stiff towels instead of soft ones.

What are the best products to wash towels with?

You can use a small amount of Vinegar (approx 1 cup) to help reduce chemical build up - restoring their absorbency. Also refrain from using fabric softeners as this can actually damage your towels fibres causing matting and stiffness.

How often should you replace your towels?

Towels will no doubt lose fibres and absorbency after use- we recommend to maintain softness that you should replace towels every two years.

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