Women's Clothing Sale

Ready to snap up a few bargains in our online women’s sale? You’ll be spoilt for choice with everything from spring and summer dresses, jackets, and heavenly accessories, right through to autumn sweaters and sparkly winter tops. It’s all right here with up to 50% off, so jump in and browse the full ladies’ clothing sale below.

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  1. Amortyl Trainers label eventpermanent

    Amortyl Trainers

    £32.50 Up to-50% £65.00
  2. Boots label eventpermanent


    From £29.50 Up to-50% From £59.00
  3. Climatyl Moccasin label eventpermanent

    Climatyl Moccasin

    From £37.50 Up to-50% From £75.00
  4. Sandal


    £19.50 Up to-50% £39.00
  5. Moccasin


    £29.50 Up to-50% £59.00
  6. Sandal


    £29.50 Up to-50% £59.00
  7. Mule


    £13.50 Up to-50% £27.00
  8. Thermolactyl Slipper label eventpermanent

    Thermolactyl Slipper

    £15.00 Up to-50% £30.00
  9. Pack of 2 Midi Rib Briefs label eventpermanent

    Pack of 2 Midi Rib Briefs

    £9.00 Up to-50% £18.00
  10. Non-wired Bra label eventpermanent

    Non-wired Bra

    £12.50 Up to-50% £25.00
  11. High Waist Shaping Briefs label eventpermanent

    High Waist Shaping Briefs

    £13.50 Up to-50% £27.00
  12. Climatyl Maxi Brief label eventpermanent

    Climatyl Maxi Brief

    From £6.50 Up to-50% From £13.00
  13. Medium Support Shaping Briefs label eventpermanent

    Medium Support Shaping Briefs

    £15.50 Up to-50% £31.00
  14. Padded Diana Bra

    Padded Diana Bra

    From £11.00 Up to-55% From £25.00
  15. Wired Diana Bra

    Wired Diana Bra

    From £12.50 Up to-50% From £25.00
  16. Non-wired Diana Bra

    Non-wired Diana Bra

    £11.00 Up to-50% £22.00
  17. Wired Eva Bra

    Wired Eva Bra

    From £8.50 Up to-55% From £19.00
  18. Non-wired Eva Bra

    Non-wired Eva Bra

    From £8.50 Up to-55% From £19.00
  19. Eva Midi Brief

    Eva Midi Brief

    £6.00 Up to-50% £12.00
  20. Tank Top

    Tank Top

    From £7.50 Up to-50% From £15.00
  21. Broderie Anglaise Sundress

    Broderie Anglaise Sundress

    £29.99 Up to-50% £59.99
  22. Draped Front Dress

    Draped Front Dress

    £24.99 Up to-30% £36.99
  23. Climatyl Printed Blouse label eventpermanent

    Climatyl Printed Blouse

    £18.49 Up to-50% £36.99
  24. Climatyl Denim Shorts

    Climatyl Denim Shorts

    £14.99 Up to-50% £29.99

We’ve got discounted lines across our entire range of quality women’s sale clothing, so we’re confident you’ll find the perfect pick right here. From four-season outdoor jackets to tasteful tunics best suited to an afternoon on the beach, we’ve curated a fantastic selection of clothing to help you secure that missing piece.

Brighten up with our ladies’ clothing sale

If you’d like to add a splash of colour to your wardrobe, look no further than our fantastic ladies’ sale clothes. We stock beautiful blouses in a variety of styles, colours, and patterns, so whether it’s a crinkle palm-printed viscose blouse or a classic striped shirt to wear to the next big meeting, you’ll find exactly what you need in our ladies’ sale.

Or, if you’re looking for something to go with your favourite top, you’ll find stylish skirts and trousers in our women’s sale range, too. Whether it’s an office-ready printed skirt or a quirky asymmetric number for a dash of glamour, our selection features so many different styles.

Women’s trousers in our sale include classic denim jeans and pull-on stretch trousers, but we’ve got plenty of casual options, too. If you’re heading away on holiday soon, why not choose some with swaying stripes or breathable linen mix?

Find the best deals with Damart

With hundreds of lines in our UK ladies’ clothing sale, we’re confident that you won’t need to look elsewhere to find great prices on quality women’s clothes.

We know navigating clothing sales online can be tricky, but we’ve made it easy to find what you need. Simply use the toggles on the page to filter your search and discover the best bargains in our UK ladies’ clothing sale.

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