Damart Personal Account
Damart Personal Account

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The minimum payment +

Each month we send you a statement which tells you exactly what you need to pay. You must pay the minimum payment by the ‘payment due date’ on your statement. The minimum payment will be 1/25th of the value of the goods you bought, or £3, whichever is greater. If you owe less than £3, we'll ask you to pay it all.

Interest and how it's calculated? +

Interest is added to the balance outstanding from your last statement at a daily rate of 0.0893 pence in the pound. This equals 32.6% per annum (variable) unless you pay the balance in full. Interest is calculated when the statement is produced and added to the balance, subject to a minimum charge of 50 pence per month. So, the sooner you pay off your balance, the less interest you’ll pay. For example, if you buy goods worth £75 and make the minimum payment every month, you'll repay 25 monthly instalments totalling £102.93 and the total interest charged will be £27.93.

How do I make a payment?  +

Simply log into your account online, click on 'My Account’ and choose 'Make A Payment'. Follow the on-screen instructions, ensuring you fill in all the required information. It’s important to note that any payments you make will be allocated first to cover your ‘Minimum payment’ due on your Personal Account, including any outstanding arrears and accrued interest so that your account does not fall into arrears.

What happens if I miss a payment?  +

If you miss a payment it’s important that you contact us as soon as you can.  Call our Personal Account team on 0330 123 4083 and they can help get you back on track and discuss all of your potential options. If you do miss a payment you may be charged a late payment fee of £12 and the arrears on your account may be registered on your credit file.

How can you avoid paying interest?  +

To avoid paying interest on your account you need to make a payment for the amount of the total balance outstanding on your statement by the payment due date.  As long as you clear that balance each month you will not be charged interest. How are payments to my account allocated?  Unless you call us on 0330 123 5429 to tell us how you want a specific payment allocated, your payments will be allocated in the following order:
1.    The minimum payment on your Personal Account
2.    Any Pay In 3 and/or BNPL amounts that are due this month
3.    Additional balance on your Personal Account above the minimum payment
4.    Any Pay In 3 and/or BNPL balances that are not due this month 

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