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The Ocealis Womens
Running T-Shirt

The Ocealis Womens

We've all heard of Damart, but many people will still relate this brand with our grandmothers' underwear and their famous Thermolactyl properties.

What may be not as well known, is Damart Sport. And for those who, like me, adore being always on the move, you're missing out!

Damart Sport specialises in clothing designed specifically for sport… and they are pretty stylish too!

I had the chance to test a t-shirt and a pair of shorts from their Ocealis collection (famous for their technical freshness) and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised!

The fabric, the cut, the finishing and the absence of seams make a quality product.

When wearing this clothing you immediately feel great and this feeling continues once you start running. No friction and very breathable… again more positives! I told you!

And what do you think about pink? It's just beautiful, right?