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A human endurance, sport and ecological awareness adventure

Clement and Christophe are cousins and they decide to cross part of the Pacific in a double rowing boat, participating in the Great Pacific Race 2014. This race, which involves no assistance and no stops, was due to start in June 2014.

From Monterey Bay (California) to Hawaii, the crew will have to row about 2,425 miles to reach their destination. They will be the only French people in the competition and also, the youngest ones (25 and 27 years old)!

Their sporting objective is to beat the record of a crossing which had taken 64 days… but also to share their story in order to give their challenge both a humanity development and ecological dimension.

DAMART SPORT provided them with technical clothing for undertaking the adventure with the best clothing

The Preparation Process

The uniqueness of this adventure comes up from the guys' will to achieve their dream by their own means and desires. They did everything, from finding sponsors, to fully repairing their boat!

Not being professional sailors, their knowledge in the field has been broadened as a result of the meetings with many rowers who have been sharing their experiences.

But of course, they also had to prepare physically on land and at sea, as in order to propel a boat of 7 metres length, 2 metres width and 1 ton weight, you need arm power and strong spirit.

The Ocean specific preparation

The two cousins set up a partnership with the Surfrider Foundation Europe, an association dedicated to defending and safeguarding the Ocean and the coastline.

First of all, they organised a fundraising aimed at cleaning the plastic waste in the Ocean and on the coastline. Secondly, they planned to take patafter their return in some awareness-raising conferences organised by the association testifying to their crossing over that area of the Pacific that is known as ‘the continent of waste'.

Project sharing

Firstly perceived as a sporting activity, Clément's and Christophe's challenge was also a project of human development: they have had to share their experience with as many people as they can to help them understand more about the challenges of rowing the Ocean … but above all, to encourage them to push themselves to the limits. They are also producing a film of their journey and publishing their adventure journals.

By showing all those people who doubt or do not dare, that with determination and tenacity you can achieve the wildest dreams and do things you believe to be impossible, they would like to become a positive example for the young.

Naturally, DAMARTSPORT were proud to be their partner!