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MCMA: A humanity adventure to support the poorest countries

Hugo and Arthur are both Business School students who have been passionate about sport since their early childhood; they have created MCMA (Micro Credits Macro Actions) which is aimed at sustaining the small entrepreneurs in developing countries by providing them with micro credits, supported mainly on the basis of sponsored cycle rides to support their projects.

The short-term goal: to support 250 micro enterprises in 4 countries!

DAMART SPORT proposed they try their technical clothing to put them through their paces.

The choice of bike was far from anodyne!

The bike they used is environmentally friendly because it only requires leg strength to move forward, it is economical because it is accessible to everyone, it allows them to achieve a great sporting challenge… But it's also convenient as it can be parked everywhere. It poses no problems with air travel, are easy to carry, and don't need any fuel! Finally, it is pleasurable because you can enjoy every moment, every landscape, every encounter! In other words, the bike favours thrift and encourages human contacts and exchange.

A journey full of discoveries…

The adventure started in February and ended in August; in total, these 2 friends will have travelled more than 11,000 km and crossed 15 countries of Africa and the south-west of Asia, rallying from Vietnam to Zambia. This is a challenge synonymous with the mutual support, the encounters, the sharing moments, but also the sporting activity and the experience. 60 km every day by bike is the goal he needed to aim for to get them to their final destination. Naturally, DAMART SPORT chose to be their sponsor.

And the adventures!

During their journey, they have met different micro entrepreneurs to discuss their situations and the reasons why they have chosen to use a micro credit. Hugo and Arthur also have the chance to draw conclusions about the improvements needed to be done to provide the best help to everyone and drive their projects in the right direction.

Beyond that, was the exploration of the incredible customs and sceneries of the countries they passed through. This was a human and committed adventure that DAMART SPORT is proud to have been able to accompany! We wish them success and many more successful future projects.