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Terms & Conditions of this Agreement

OurPersonal Account lets you treat yourself from the Damart or Sedagyl catalogues on credit, up to your credit limit. We set this limit based on your credit status and by assessing what you can afford, up to a maximum of £500.

How your account works

Each month we send you a statement which shows your outstanding balance. You then have two choices:

  1. pay the balance in full
  2. pay in instalments

Good news! If you pay your balance in full each month, you won't be charged any interest, which is the best way to shop. But if you don't pay the full amount, we'll charge you interest, which increases the cost of whatever you buy. So, it's important to think about whether you can afford the repayments.

Entering a credit agreement with us

Choosing to pay in instalments means you'll enter into a regulated consumer credit agreement. Below, you'll find important information on what that agreement means for you. Please read it carefully along with the other information we've given you to decide whether this credit account is right for you. Remember, if you pay in instalments, youll be charged interest which means you’ll pay more for anything you buy.

The minimum payment

Each month we send you a statement which tells you exactly what you owe. You must pay the minimum payment by the date mentioned on your statement. The minimum payment will be 1/25th of the value of the goods you bought, or £3, whichever is greater. If you owe less than £3, we'll ask you to pay it all.

Interest and how it's calculated

Interest is added to the balance outstanding from your last statement at a daily rate of 0.0893 pence in the pound. This equals32.6% per annum (variable), unless you pay the balance in full. Interest is calculated when the statement is produced and added to the balance, subject to a minimum charge of 50 pence per month. So, the sooner you pay off your balance, the less interest youll pay. For example, if you buy goods worth £75 and make the minimum payment every month, you'll repay 25 monthly instalments totalling £102.93 and the total interest charged will be £27.93.

Credit Back to your Personal Account

When you spend £100 or more in one or more orders on your Personal Account by 30th September 2021, £25 will be credited to your Personal Account and will show on your November 2021 statement. £100 spend is calculated after any returns and cancellations. This promotional £25 credit can’t be refunded or exchanged for cash and if you don’t use it, it’ll expire after 12 months. The £25 will only be credited once within the offer period and any order already in progress won’t be used towards the spend amount.

The offer only applies to the named person on the promotion made through the post or by email and unfortunately, you can't transfer it to someone else. Damart reserves the right to withdraw any offer without notice and reserves the right to reject the use of an offer at our discretion where we have reasonable grounds to believe that the offer is being used other than in accordance with these terms and conditions.

Introductory Interest Free

When you open a Personal Account we'll waive the first 3 months' interest charges. So you pay 0% interest on anything you buy for the first 3 months after you open your account. You must make the minimum monthly payment shown on your statement during this periodor your introductory interest rate waiver may be withdrawn. As long as you pay in full by the end of the first 3 months, you won't pay any interest.

After the end of the introductory period, you can then choose to pay in full and pay no interest or you can spread the cost and interest charges will apply at our standard rate of 37.7%APR Variable. This offer is only valid for selected new credit customers who apply and are accepted for a Personal Account by 31/10/21.

Unfortunately, existing Personal Account balances can't be transferred onto an Interest Free offer. And we're sorry, but our Introductory Interest Free offer can't be used in conjunction with any other credit offers.

Introductory Interest Rates

Now and again we offer introductory interest rates to new customers by waiving our standard interest rates during the introductory period on whatever you buy. The introductory rate and introductory period (if applicable) will be set out in the offer. You'll need to keep making the minimum monthly payment shown on your statement. If we don't receive at least the minimum monthly payment by the due date, your introductory interest rate offer may be withdrawn. The standard interest rate will apply from the end of the introductory period to any outstanding balance you built up during the introductory period and anything you bought afterwards,unless we offer another promotional interest rate.

Buy now pay later (BNPL)

BNPL can be really helpful and may be offered when you order items using your Personal Account, as long as there's no recent history of arrears on your account. BNPL means you can defer the payment date for orders of £70 or more, including postage and packaging costs, for up to 3 months (the Delayed Payment Period) from the date your order is despatched. These are known as BNPL Transactions.

With BNPL Transactions, the cost of your order is charged to your Personal Account when we send the order out, and your credit limit is adjusted. Interest at an annual rate of 32.6% (variable) will be calculated daily from the date your items are despatched and charged to your account on the balance of the BNPL Transaction outstanding as a lump sum at the end of the Delayed Payment Period. At the end of the Delayed Payment Period, the lump sum will attract further interest going forwards, so you'll be charged interest on interest.

You'll be sent a monthly statement showing your BNPL Transaction balance, the end of the Delayed Payment Period, and an estimate of interest that will be charged at that date. Each BNPL Transaction will become payable (at the end of the third monthly statement after the despatch date). If you make more than one BNPL Transaction within the same statement period, these BNPL Transactions will need paying on the same due date.

You won't pay interest on any element of the BNPL Transaction value you pay off before the end of the Delayed Payment Period. And you'll only be charged interest on the outstanding balance of the BNPL Transaction at the end of the Delayed Payment Period.

For example, if a BNPL Transaction is £150, with a Delayed Payment Period of 3 months, at a standard interest rate of 32.6% per annum:

  • If you make a single payment of £150 during the Delayed Payment Period, no interest will be charged on the BNPL Transaction.
  • If you make no payment towards the BNPL Transaction during the Delayed Payment Period, a lump sum of £12.05 interest will be charged to your account at the end of that period.
  • If you make 3 payments of £20 during the Delayed Payment Period, a lump sum of £7.23 interest will be charged at the end of that period.

You can make direct payment towards a specific BNPL Transaction over the phone. Remember, your payments will always be allocated first to make your minimum repayment due, including any arrears and interest, so that your account does not go into arrears.

Extra charges

We know nobody likes extra charges. But, if you don't make a payment by the due date shown on your statement, or if you pay less than the minimum amount requested, we may make the following extra charges:

  1. an administration charge of up to £12 for missed or incomplete payments
  2. an administration charge of up to £6 for returned payments
  3. any reasonable costs and expenses we incur by having to involve third parties such as debt collection agencies, for example.

Also, if you don't make a monthly payment, or you make it late, we may have to report you to Credit Reference Agencies. This could have a negative effect on your credit rating and your chances of getting credit in the future.

Your right to cancel

Things are pretty flexible and you have the right to withdraw from this credit agreement. Your right starts from the day after the agreement is made, or the date we confirm your credit limit, whichever is the latest – and continues for 14 days. If you want to cancel the agreement, please get in touch using any of the ways below.

Remember, you must repay any amount you still owe, plus the interest we have charged you.

Getting in touch is easy

Call us on 0330 1234083
Email us on
Write to us atDamart, Bowling Green Mills, Lime Street, Bingley, West Yorkshire, BD97 1AD.

In your first statement we'll send you a copy of the Pre-contract Credit Information and two copies of a Consumer Credit Agreement. It's important you read these. If you decide to go ahead and enter into a regulated credit agreement with us, simply print, sign and return one copy of the agreement to us at Damart. You'll need to keep the second copy for your own records.

Pre-contract Credit Information

Creditor addressDamartex UK Limited trading as 'Damart' and 'Sedagyl' Bowling Green Mills, Lime Street, Bingley, West Yorkshire, BD97 1AD.
Telephone numberTo make orders call 0871 423 0000 (calls cost 13p per minute plus your telephone company's network access charge). If you have any questions about this call 0330 1234083.
The type of creditRunning Account Credit Agreement regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974.
The total amount of credit (This means the credit limit)From time to time, we'll asses how much credit you may have under this agreement. We'll let you know how much this is on a statement or another communication.
How and when credit would be providedCredit will be provided in the form of a deferred payment terms for anything you've bought from Damart from the date on which payment would otherwise fall due.
The duration of the credit agreementIt's flexible. There's no fixed or minimum period.
RepaymentsEach month you must repay the minimum payment shown on your statement by the date shown. This is calculated as 1/25th of the total cash price of goods bought on the account or £3, whichever is the greater. We re-calculate the minimum payment in the same way whenever you buy more goods or return goods. If your balance is less than £3 you'll need to pay the outstanding balance.
Your repayments will pay off what you owe in the following order

When you make a payment under this agreement it'll pay off anything you owe in the following order:

  1. any minimum payment due on your Personal Account (including any arrears and interest);
    following that, except for payments you expressly direct are to be applied to specific balances which are subject to Buy Now Pay Later terms (BNPL Transactions)
  2. any BNPL Transaction balance which the delayed payment period ends in the current statement period. If you have more than one BNPL Transaction, the oldest one will be paid first
  3. any outstanding balance on your Personal Account
  4. any BNPL Transaction balance which the delayed payment period continues beyond the current statement period. If you have more than one BNPL Transaction, the oldest one will be paid first.
The total amount you'll pay (this means the amount you've borrowed plus interest and any costs)The total amount payable is the sum of the amount borrowed plus the total charge for credit. The total charge for credit is interest only. Interest is applied to the total balance remaining from your last statement based on the daily interest rate of 0.0893 pence in the pound or 50 pence, whichever is greater. Based on an example of taking credit of £500 (without BNPL) and paying the minimum repayments for the term, the total charge for credit is £180.87 and the total amount repayable is £680.80.
The rates of interest which apply to the creditThe rate of interest is equivalent to an annual rate of 32.6% (variable). Interest is applied to the total balance outstanding from the last statement which is calculated when the statement is produced and added to the balance, subject to a minimum charge of 50 pence per month.
Annual Percentage Rate of Charge (APR). This is the total cost expressed as an annual percentage of the total amount of credit. The APR is there to help you compare different offers.37.5% (variable). The assumptions underlying this calculation are that no BNPL option was exercised, a credit limit of £500 is drawn down immediately and in full and repaid over a one year period, in equal monthly instalments, starting four weeks after the date of initial draw down along with interest as provided for in this agreement.

Related Costs

Charge for using a specific payment methodIf you choose to make repayments to your Personal Account at the Post Office their standard fees will be payable. Or if you choose to pay at a bank, some banks may charge if you don’t bank with them.
Costs in the case of late payments

We reserve the right to charge you:

  1. an administration charge of up to £12 for each missed or incomplete payment due
  2. an administration charge of up to £6 for each returned payment
  3. any reasonable expenses and costs that we may incur in the instruction or involvement of third parties for tracing you or debt collection. Interest will also be payable on any late payments at the interest rate shown above.
Consequences of missing paymentsMissing payments could have severe consequences, including increasing the cost of your credit, impairing your credit rating which may make getting credit in the future more difficult and/or expensive for you.
Right of withdrawalYes, you have the right to withdraw from this credit agreement before the end of 14 days, beginning on the day after the agreement is made, or if information is provided after the agreement is made, the day on which you receive a copy of the executed agreement under sections 61A or 63 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974, the day on which you receive the information required in section 61A(3) of that Act or the day on which you are notified of the credit limit, the first time it’s provided, whichever is the latest.
Early repaymentYes, you have the right to repay early in full or in part.
Consultation with a Credit Reference AgencyIf we decide not to proceed with your credit application on the basis of information from a Credit Reference Agency, when informing you of the decision we'll inform you that it has been reached on the basis of information from a Credit Reference Agency and the particulars of that agency.
Right to a draft credit agreementYes, you have the right to ask for a copy of the draft credit agreement, free of charge.
The period of time during which the creditor is bound by the pre-contractual informationThis information is valid for 30 days from the day we send it to you.

(a) concerning the creditor

Registration numberDamart and Sedagyl are trading names of Damartex UK Limited which is a company registered in England and Wales (company number 00852773).
The supervisory authorityWe are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority of 12 Endeavour Square, London, E20 1JN to provide consumer credit. Firm Reference Number: 702607.

(b) concerning the credit agreement

The law taken by the creditor as a basis for the establishment of relations with you before the conclusion of the credit agreementEnglish law (or the law of Scotland or Northern Ireland if you reside there).
The law applicable to the credit agreement and/or the competent courtThe laws of England and Wales govern this credit agreement unless you reside in Scotland or Northern Ireland in which case local law will apply and the local courts have jurisdiction.
Language to be used in connection with your agreementThe contractual terms and conditions and prior information are in English. The creditor undertakes with the debtor's agreement, to communicate with the debtor in English for the duration of the credit agreement.

(c) concerning redress

Access to out-of-court complaint and redress mechanismGot a complaint and feel that we haven't resolved it to your satisfaction? You can refer it to the Financial Ombudsman Service, for independent investigation after having first raised your complaint with us. If, after 8 weeks we haven't resolved your complaint, you can complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

Terms & Conditions of this Agreement

1.1 You accept these Terms and Conditions.

1.2 You've been provided with a full copy of this agreement for consideration before signing together with a copy of the Adequate Explanations and Pre-contract Credit Information.

1.3 You're over 18 years of age.

1.4 The details you've given are true and complete.

1.5 You'll inform us as soon as possible of any change in your personal details such as your name and home address.

1.6 Your signature to this agreement acknowledges receipt of a true copy.

1.7 All sums owed under the agreement shall become due and payable immediately if:

1.7.1 We believe you've given us false information when you entered into this agreement.

1.7.2 A statutory demand is served on you, or any other steps are taken by you or any other person, to make you bankrupt.

1.7.3 You commit an act of bankruptcy (e.g. failing to pay a debt pursuant to a court order).

2.1 Once you have opened your Personal Account and signed the credit agreement, you can use your account to order at any time and spread your payments for up to 25 months.

Here's how it works:

2.1.1 Complete your Order Form and tick the Personal Account box, or select the Personal Account option when you shop at If ordering by phone, call 0871 423 0000 and tell our orderline adviser it is a Personal Account order. Calls cost 13p per minute plus your telephone company's network access charge.

2.1.2 Full payment details are shown on every Damart or Sedagyl Order Form, including delivery charges.

2.1.3 We'll provide a statement every month where there is any movement on the account, showing your orders, balances, payments, minimum payment required and payment due date.

2.1.4 You can choose to pay in full, or by regular monthly instalments. You can pay your account by direct debit, bank transfer, at the bank (some banks may charge if you don't bank with them) cheque, postal order and debit card. Alternatively, you can pay by cash at the Post Office (you'll need to pay their fee).

2.1.5 We reserve the right to vary the duration, interest charge and the minimum payment. We may do this if for example our costs, including the costs of borrowing, increase. If this is necessary we'll give you at least 28 days' notice.

2.1.6 To calculate your approximate minimum repayment, simply divide the cash price of any item by 25, e.g. goods costing £75 could be paid for in 25 instalments of £3 plus service charges. If you repay more than the minimum payment the service charge will be reduced accordingly (written quotations are available on request).

2.1.7 If you place an order which exceeds your credit limit we may contact you to offer you an increase. We can change your credit limit at any time. We'll notify you each time you're eligible for a credit limit increase. You can choose how you'd like to manage future credit limit increases. You must choose between:

  • 'AUTO INCREASE' - If you exceed your limit and we offer you a credit limit increase, this will be applied unless you reject it
  • 'DO NOT AUTO INCREASE' - If you exceed your limit and we offer you a credit limit increase, this will not be applied unless you accept it
  • 'DO NOT INCREASE' - If you exceed your limit we won't offer you a credit limit increase

3.1 At Damart we're constantly working hard to bring you the very best service. If you're not happy with your Personal Account, please get in touch with our team using any of these options:

3.2 We will:

3.2.1 Pick your complaint up straight away.

3.2.2 Aim to resolve it the first time you get in touch. If we can't, we'll let you know why and keep you up to date until it's sorted.

3.3 If you're not satisfied or if eight weeks have passed since you made your complaint, you can contact the Financial Ombudsman Service unless you're a business debtor, in which case you may have this right. If you'd like the Financial Ombudsman Service to look into your complaint, you need to contact them within six months of the date of any final response from us. Their address is, The Financial Ombudsman Service, Exchange Tower, London, E14 9SR

3.4 You can also phone 0800 023 4567, or visit the Financial Ombudsman Service website at

3.5 If your complaint is about a product or service bought from Damart, please email us at If we can't resolve your complaint, and you're still not happy after following our complaints procedure, you can contact The Retail Ombudsman. It is a certified Alternative Dispute Resolution Provider. We'll respond to any complaint referred to us by them. The Retail Ombudsman, 33 Floor Euston Road, London, NW1 3DP, or email or head to You can also call 0203 137 8268.

If your complaint is about goods or services bought online at and you're not happy with the solution we've offered, you can contact the EU Online Dispute Resolution platform, at Once you've submitted your complaint on the EU platform you'll be directed to The Retail Ombudsman. So you may refer your complaint directly to them.

4.1 When applying for a Personal Account you should have been given a copy of our Privacy Policy (available at
or by contacting us using the details at 4.5 below). This explains how and why we acquire and use your personal information in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018.

4.2 We use the personal information we collect about you to verify your identity, carry out credit assessments to inform our lending decisions, manage your account and to make collections. We may also use it to contact you about this agreement (or for marketing purposes depending on your preferences) by post, email or phone.

4.3 In considering whether to enter into this agreement, we may search your record at Credit Reference Agencies and fraud prevention agencies. They will add details of our search and your application to their records about you, and this will be seen by other organisations that make searches. We may also share the details of your agreement, payments made and any default, suspicion of fraud or failure to maintain the terms of the agreement with Credit Reference Agencies. More information about Credit Reference Agencies and how they use personal information is available at

4.4 We'll share your personal data when legally required to, for example if we're asked by government authorities conducting an investigation. We'll also use it to verify or enforce compliance with our policies, for example governing our website and applicable laws or to protect against the misuse or unauthorised use of our website.

4.5 We might also use your personal information in line with your marketing consent preferences to let you know of products and/or services, offered by us or (only where you've consented by 'opting-in') of named third parties, whose products and services we believe you might be interested in. You may have already opted-out of receiving these, but if not, you can opt-out anytime by clicking the unsubscribe link in the email, or by writing to The Data Protection Manager at Damart, Bowling Green Mills, Lime Street, Bingley, West Yorkshire BD97 1AD or by emailing us at

4.6 Lastly, your data remains on file for 6 years after your account is closed whether by you or in default.

5.1 We may transfer all or any of our rights under this agreement.

5.2 This agreement is governed by English Law (or the law of Scotland or Northern Ireland if you live there). This agreement is in English and all communications about it will also be in English.

5.3 Damart and Sedagyl are trading names of Damartex UK Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority of 12 Endeavour Square, London, E20 1JN to provide Consumer Credit under these names pursuant to register number 264768.

5.4 We're a responsible lender and will regularly monitor your individual payment performance. If we think you're experiencing repayment problems that would make it irresponsible to offer you more credit, we may decline.

5.5 We reserve the right to refuse or restrict credit orders.

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