Use the size charts below to check your measurements

Two measurements must be taken in order to determine your correct bra size, under the bust (A) and Cup size - around the fullest part of your bust (B)

Measure around your bust ensuring that the tape is horizontal all around the back to the front. The tape measure should meet at the centre front directly under the bust. Pull the tape measure tightly, but not so it is uncomfortable, take a breath out and take the reading.

Compare this measurement to the chart below to find your bra size. To determine your cup size measure around the fullest part of your bust. Using the chart, find your bra size. read down this column until you find your full bust measurement. Your cup size is indicated in the left column.

For example, an underbust measurement of 77cms gives a bra size of 34. A full bust measurement of 82cms would give a cup size C. You would need to order a 34C.